K-W Appliance Plus_Kitchener_Ontario


Whether you need to replace an appliance or looking for an upgrade, K-W Appliance Plus is Kitchener-Waterloo’s premier appliance superstore.

With a 6,000 square foot showroom, we offer our customers a wide selection of quality appliances. Our goal is to help you find the best appliance to suit your needs without any sales pressure.

Our goal is to help you, with an informed sales staff who are not motivated by commission. This eliminates any pressure for you to make a purchase.

K-W Appliance Plus has built its success on good business practices, accomplished by a staff who’s goal is to inform and communicate with our customers. This leads to more customers making an informed purchase on an appliance that works for their lifestyle. That’s why our customers are always happy with their appliances!

So if you are looking for selection, information and no pressure, visit K-W Appliance Plus. We want to help you!



K-W Appliance Plus | 842 Victoria Street North, Kitchener, Ontario N2B 3C1 | Phone: 519-576-3888
Fax: 519-576-1113 | Email: kmoffatt@execulink.com